Golden eagle
Interiour & Decorations
780.00 EUR (vat. incl.) + delivery

Sculptural bird silhouettes with a exklusiv GOLD-PLATED surface are designed by Christine Habermann von Hoch, crafted and hand gilded with 23,75 karat gold.

You can use the bird body as a holder for your delicate distillate.

The eagle is also an ideal present for example for your business partner or a special friend or a person you love.

Contains 1x Art
Used materials Steel, gold leaf 23,75 karat
Size 22.5x26x9 cm, 0.3 kg
Delivery Worldwide

This product is: On demand

Free as a bird
Looking at the birds, you must have imagined at least once: Beeing free like them, carrying their lightness of being.

This dominantly elegant piece represents your precious freedom, which everyone loves so much. Whether at work or in business.

Get this 23,75 karat gold piece and be inspired by this precious golden bird.
Majestic as an eagle
Eagles are embodying majesticness, sublimeness and purposefulness. Be motivated by the same qualities. Don´t miss this magnificent piece - it will always remind you of all your achievements in the past that you can be proud of and empower you for new success to come.

Design in the living room

If you love the bird topic and you wish to delight your living space you can also order your birds on commission. Habermann von Hoch will create you an individual wall-sculpture.

Don't hesitate and contact us and you get your individual "Birds tweeting".
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