Life crossroad
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This extraordinary wall-sculpture was created by Christine Habermann von Hoch in 2010.

Amazing are the noble shades of black and silver tones of the steel, which were created by forging in fire, painterly grinding and polishing.
The elements are hand gilded with 23,75 karat gold leaf, refined and sealed in fire with a special oil recipe.

The wall-sculpture consists of elements which are hand forged and sculpted of special profiled steel the artist choose for this work.

Contains 1x Wall sculpture
Used materials Forged steel, gold leaf (23,75 karat)
Size 80x80x9cm,  27 kg
Delivery Worldwide

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The right decisions
Life writes destiny every day. Every day we are making countless decisions that need to be made, but not always is it really the right decision. However, this work is created to memorize those moments that you do not want to forget. These are the moments that pleasantly changed your life, for example, you entered into a marriage. Remember all the moments when you decided on the golden path.
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