Buste thinker
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This hand carved sculpture was created by Christine Habermann von Hoch during her studies in Italy when she was 19 years old. In the past millennium (1999).

This bust is carved of special wood from the mountains of Northern Italy - stone pine.

The artist painted the bust with fire, polished it to become a soft a black satin reflection shimmer. made of fiery carbonized wood, which gives this work an outstanding lively black color.
The beautiful smell of the sone pine has acalming effect and cotributese to general well-being. The stone pine smells intensely for decades.

Contains 1x Sculpture
Used materials Hand-carved, carbonized stone pine
Size 29x19x19 cm, 2.5 kg
Delivery Worldwide

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Knowledge in home
Let knowledge flow freely around your house. The bust serves as an inspriation. Now you have the opportunity to own this beautiful sculpture

One of the first sculpted
creations of Habermann von Hoch.
This exhibit has a unique feature. This is one of the first works by Christine Habermann von Hoch created in art school in Italy.
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