Golf game
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This unique piece of work was created by Christine Habermann von Hoch 2008 in fine handwork.

The elements are hand forged of wrought iron and carved wood, refined and sealed with special oil recipe. Also the wooden plate is painted with fire.

A light source is also integrated into this sculpture, flowing through the side and emphasizing the work of art and elegantly emphasizing the space. The background lighting creates a particularly pleasant atmosphere.

Beautiful is the elegant surface. The noble shades of black and silver tones of the forged steel and burned wood, which were created with fire.

Contains 1x Art
Used materials Forged steel, carved wood, carbonized wood, LED light
Size 73x73x25 cm, 19.8kg
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For players
Each of us plays a game in life - play a successful one with passion and love. Be supported for your game with this extraordinary art work created with the powerful material.
This whole artistic phenomenon expresses the players who have their ball and try to get it into their hole. It is all like life. Also, each of us has our own ball, that wants to get where we want.
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