Moon scenery
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This unique steel sculpture was created by Christine Habermann von Hoch in 2007 in fine handwork using classic forging techniques.
The noble shades of black and silver tones of the steel, which were created by forging in fire, by noble surface treatment and painterly grinding and polishing, are fascinating.

A light source is also integrated into this sculpture, which flows through the perforated sheet steel.

Are you ready for your mission astronaut?

Base size: 6.5x29.5x8cm

Contains 1x Art
Used materials Forged steel, carbonized wood, light Light LED, textile cable
Size 55x53x29.5 cm, 4kg
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Illumination through the crates of the Moon.

This beautiful steel sculpture is inspired by the crates of the moon. You now have the opportunity to light up these craters at your home. Enjoy pleasant moments in your cozy home, which are so rare for everyone. If you are a fan of intelligent sculptures, this work should definitely not be missing in your collection.

Perfect handwork

There is nothing more honest than classic handwork. This work is proof of that. Honest forged steel gives the whole object a mystical and elegant look that is definitely worth having at home.
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