• I experienced our cooperation as a great chance to implement my own ideas of completing the interior and exterior of the villa through a sensitive and empathetic artist. Her talents to perceive the unique and unrepeatable demands of different clients, combined with her ability to defend her own creative integrity, are qualities that I am happy to recommend to everyone.

    Eliška Břízová, Prague

  • Christine is an extraordinary artist, blacksmith, and most recently a designer with a huge sense of material and space, which I admire. Our cooperation lasts more than 10 years, it is not only in working form, but also in human and personal form. Our square is decorated with a statue with the story of Tilia designed by prof. Habermann and realized after his death just by Christine, in the house Echo we have original, functional and purposeful lighting, made by Christine, and everyone envies it to us. The last achievement is the permanent exhibition of Alfred Habermann in our tourist information center.

    Miloš Přikryl, Lipník nad Bečvou, Czech Republic

  • Christine Habermann von Hoch is an accomplished blacksmith and creative artist who constantly coordinates her unique ideas with the client during the design process. The incomparable aesthetics of her works reflect her passion, resourcefulness and skill.

    Mag. Martina Rössler, BA, project manager, Niederösterreichische Kreativakademie, Austria

  • Christine Habermann von Hoch has created a contemporary nativity scene for the Neustift Abbey (near Bressanone / South Tyrol). The group in steel (up to 4m high) represents Mary with the Child and Joseph and the three wise men / kings. This nativity scene can be found all year round in the entrance area of the monastery with an inviting message. The artwork follows in its intention the impetus of Pope Benedict XVI to resume the interrupted dialogue between faith / church and contemporary art. Neustift Abbey thanks the gifted artist for this outstanding and appealing contribution to an innovative liveliness in the church.

    Prof. Dr. Georg Franz Untergaßmair, Neustift, Italy

  • The sundial has created a piece of golden craftsmanship, not only blacksmithing but also artistic workmanship, which not only delights us as the homeowner, but also the whole place and our guests. Above all, it is due to the wealth and talent of Mrs. Christine Habermann von Hoch that not only our house, but also our place could be enriched by a real piece of art!

    Ing. Michael Spitzer, Hollenstein an der Ybbs, Austria

  • For several years, one work by the artist Christine Habermann von Hoch decorates our living space that we appreciate a lot. One of four works belonging to the "Waiting for Stella" cycle that symbolizes summer brings joy and warmth to our home throughout the year.

    J. and G. Endler, Simbach am Inn, Germany



Patron – Prague,  Czech Republic

Plaque – Příbor,  Czech Republic

Lightening doors – Prague,  Czech Rublic

Hanging sculptures – Prague,  Czech Republic



Lights design, Installation concept, Railing, Handrail and Glassdoor – Příbor, Czech Republic

Literature Award/ Otokar Fischer Award – Prague, Czech Republic

NÖ KreativAward – Austria

Cross flower tomb – Poland


Bench Leaf – Prague, Czech Republic

Wall sculpture Cross – Parish Bohdalice, Czech Republic

Bench Sunflower – Prague,  Czech Republic

Birds symphony – Prague, Czech Republic

Birds – Prague, Czech Republic

Meeting in the Medow – Heiden,  Switzerland

Illuminated sculpture – Heiden, Switzerland
Flower pictures 1&2 – Lipník n.B, Czech Republic

Transcendental Crib – Ybbsitz, Austria

Waiting for Stella – Simach am Inn, Germany

Letters, Prague, Czech Republic


Medals design – FIS MASTERS Ski Alpin, Göstling Hochkar, Austria
Sundial – Hollenstein/Ybbs, Austria,

Stele cross – Závišice, Czech Republic

Adoration of the Kings/Crib – Stift Neustift/Bressanone, South Tirol/Italy


Lights – Cultural building Lipník nad Bečvou, Czech Republic

Lamp Thorax – Ybbsitz, Austria

Tomb design: Butterfly cross – Enns, Austria


Award Ludvik Vaclavek, “Concentrated knowledge” – Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic
Letters, Family tomb Welser – Ybbsitz, Austria 

Habermann tomb – Ybbsitz, Austria 


Spinal columns, Collection Comenius Museum – Prerov, Czech Republic

Candle wall portal/door St. Lorenz church, door and handle – Nürnberg, Germany
Door, Historical Renaissance – Ybbsitz, Austria
Space Drawings – Sculptures

Plague column – niche – Ybbsitz, Austria
Pearl ball sculpture – Ybbsitz, Austria