Paintings and mixed media: Omnipresence

    During the beautiful period of my Dresden scholarship in 2004, I kept meeting with the spirit and image of the famous Friedrich Schiller at every step. His omnipresence inspired me to produce an almost two-meter steel work with the intention to create the impression of the graphic line. The three-dimensional silhouettes of Schiller are made warm shaped from steel of varying thickness. There is a drawing in the background of the metal silhouettes. When sun shines on the work, the silhouettes get multiplied by the beams. The material layering gives the impression of depth, one is astonished by the result of the precise processing of the hard and heavy material which nevertheless looks subtle and fragile. The way and the angle of the object illumination significantly affects the impression the spectator gets. The shadow drawing cast by the work is variable and playful. The work can be currently found in a private collection of an Austrian art collector.