Grave Habermann

    Departing this life is a topic close and at the same time distant to all of us. I too had to come to terms with the departure of my father who had significantly influenced my personal as well as artistic path. I designed his tomb myself. The basic inspiration lies in the Gothic triptych. The vertical glass wings refer to the heavenly light where the soul proceeds to. These meet with the ground where the mortal bodies remain. By doing so I intended to connect the seemingly incompatible: transience with eternity. The cross in the middle forged by myself is made of wedges – the symbol of firm connection or definite separation. The gold highlight is made of 23.75 carat gold and reminds of the spiritual dimension of life. The concept works with the movement of the sun – the changing angle of the incidence of the light rays during the day alters the look of the work. The grave can be found in Ybbsitz, Austria. The granite used is a reminder of home – I brought it from Mrákotín quarry. I believe that a grave can be optimistic and that its concept and realization speak after our departure to our loved ones and to the whole world.