Candle Wall Portal

    I worked closely with an architect to design the portal of the significant Gothic building in the centre of Nuremberg. The job of designing a metal portal – an emergency exit – inspired me to connect aesthetics, the spiritual character of the object and a function. The portal also serves as a place for keeping the candles lit by church visitors. An ornament of 144 candle holes (symbolism of holy numbers) evokes an imaginary cross and symbolizes Jerusalem. The metal door includes an inventive system to carry off the heat from the candle flames which was developed in close cooperation with technical engineers. The work’s face changes depending on the number and position of the currently lit candles. The demanding technical and artistic realization required the production of models in varying resolution before producing the perfect version of the work in real size. The strong concept and inspirational interdisciplinary collaboration resulted in an extremely favoured and spiritually significant place popular with all visitors. The handle of the portal carries the coat of arms of the Imhoff family benefactors.