Butterfly Cross

    Is there a greater expression of trust to an artist than the request to design and produce a family grave? The owners of a company in the town of Enns in Upper Austria as well as passionate art collectors wished for an original concept of the place of their last resort. The tombstone is composed of more than 300 handmade steel butterflies – the symbols of metamorphosis. Each butterfly is unique and freely shaped and just like life is varied, each butterfly carries its unmistakable likeness of happiness, freedom, but also pain.  They are all placed to form a square as opposed to the circle of eternity. In the foreground, there is a cross composed of gold-plated butterflies, evoking the eternal spiritual life. The work is inspired by the idea “pars pro toto“, and is forged from a unique type of profile. The material and the processing technique used are so unique that neither can be copied.